Investing is not only for the rich. This is for everyone.

And here’s the 9 reason why you need to invest:

1. Achieve your financial goals – make sure bago ka magdive into investing, you have to set up a specific goal first. That goal will be your destination. Clear sa’yo saan ka papunta sa gagawin mong pag-iinvest.

2. Gain financial intelligence – when you invest and you understand what you are doing, nag expand angh knowledge mo, and this will lead you on learning more. People who are investing are eternal student. Habang may hininga, hindi sila tumitigil sap ag-aatend and invest in knowledge kasi ito ang best investment naman talaga.

3. Power of compounding interest – when you invest you are making your money works for you. You just don’t invest to earn the profit right now, but you understand the concept that money invested needs time to grow. Overtime, you will be harvesting the fruits kasi you maximize that power of compounding interest.

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4. Fight inflation. Silent killer ng pera ang inflation. Kaya nga when you invest, you combat, you wants your money have its buying powere pa rin. Slowly and silently, inflation kills the value of our money if it keeps sa bank or sa ilalim ng unan mo, that why you need to invest para mabeat moa ng inflation.

5. Increase earning potential. When you invest you are increasing somehow your earning capacity. Hindi man agad agad, but in the time na naiset mo, especially in the long run.

6. Get tax benefits. Yes we cannot escape or run from tax. But there are ways on how to minimize at isa na nga ditto ay through invsting, for example sa mutual fund na lang, yong gain mo sa mutual fund ay exempted from tax. Hindi bat benefit yon.

7. Create extra streams of income. There are so many types of income, hindi lang po employment income, now when a part of your salary, pinag-invest mo, halimbawa, bumili ka ng stocks ng isang company, and this company regular nagbibigay ng dividend, a dividend is type of passive income, they you are now creating another income source, dividend income, kasi you own shares of a company na nagbibigay ng dividend sa mga shareholder nila.

8. More risks if you don’t invest. Wlang investment na zero-risk or risk-free investment. When you say investment, of course may kaakibat na agad na risk yan. Mas risky kung hindi ka nag-invest. Bakit? Anong mapapala mo? Wala, pero kung you understand that investment, hindi ka lang puro tanong kung paano, you invest time to learn investing at nagtake action ka, then high five, atleast nabawasan na ang risk, kasi inalam mo eh.

Enough na ba itong mga rason para magsimula ka na?

Always remember to live, love, invest!